Tips When Purchasing Separator Elements For Industrial Filtration Systems

In any sort of power generation system, filtration systems are crucial for keeping contaminants contained. These filtration systems will require new parts at some point. Separator elements are one of the most important you could purchase, and here are some tips that will help you avoid complications with them.

Review Particulate Trapping Efficiency

The main thing to monitor with any separator element for an industrial filtration system is its particulate trapping efficiency. How many particles can be trapped in a given period of time while the filtration system operates?

You'll need to look at the materials of the separator element, how these materials are put together, and the particulates they're able to treat effectively. These assessments can provide a better comprehension of particulate trapping efficiency so that when you end up making your selection, performance isn't a question.

Make Sure Elements Are Evaluated From a Third-Party Source

Once you have a look at the materials and specs of separator elements from industrial filtration part manufacturers, see what type of third-party testing was conducted. That's going to give you more knowledge on how the separator can perform when trapping particulates and keeping them from having any real effect on surrounding systems.

A third-party source is important too because there won't be any bias that tries to frame the testing results a certain way. You'll just see the truth in how separator elements for industrial filtration systems are able to perform consistently and in different situations. 

Look for Water-Trapping Abilities as Well

If you're dealing with an oil-related filtration system on an industrial site, then particulates aren't the only thing you need to worry about. You also need to account for water because it would have a negative impact on this system as a whole.

You need to get a separator element that is able to trap water just as effectively as particulates while this industrial filtration system runs. Not all separator elements are intended for water and that's a detail you don't want to ignore. Focus strictly on water-trapping elements that you can count on to work just in case there is an accumulation of moisture.

In order for an industrial filtration system to work correctly, it needs to have parts that are in great condition. If you have a separator element that isn't and thus needs to be tossed out for something new, go with elements with proven designs and ample testing that show great trapping results.

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