How To Cool A Metal Roof Before Working On It

If your metal roof ever needs repair (which is quite rare) and it is in the middle of summer, climbing onto the roof is going to prove dangerous. The roof will be quite hot (because it is metal), so any exposed skin you have might get a little singed. However, there are ways to cool down a hot metal roof, and you can take these tips and tricks from all the residents of every shanty town that ever existed.

Blast the Roof with Cold Water

Blasting your metal roof with cold water will help lower the temperature of the metal. Even if it only cools it a few degrees, it will feel less painful if you accidentally touch it with bare skin. Not only does the cool water from your garden hose cool down the roof, but it will also give you a very good idea of how hot the metal is. As soon as the cold water hits the metal roof, listen for sizzling sounds and/or look for the rise of vapor or mist from the areas where the water hits the roof. These signs are good indications of how intense the metal's temperature really is.

Chill It with Ice

If you have an access point to the roof from the inside of your house, consider buying several bags of ice to cool the roof. At the very least, ten bags of ice can cool the roof right where you climb out to put the ice. Tie two bag handles together with some really strong rope—this creates a balance/counter-balance set of ice bag weights. Then sling the ice "weights" over the ridge pole or peak of the roof such that one bag of ice is on one side and the other bag of ice is on the other side. Do this until you run out of matched bags of ice. After twenty minutes, you should be able to crawl out onto the roof through your access point and work on sections of your metal roof that have been successfully cooled by the ice.

Cover the Entire Roof with a Reflecting Tarp

A reflecting tarp reflects the light and heat of the sun away from whatever the tarp covers. It acts as a shield and a deflector for the metal roof. You may have to wait several hours for this method to work, but it does cool the entire roof all at once, which is something the ice and water cannot do.

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