Tips for Creating the Right Packaging for a Candy Company

Whether you already own an established candy company or are hoping to start up a candy business, you need to keep several things in mind. While your candy should taste delicious, it is equally important to spend a lot of time thinking about packaging. The way that your candy is packaged can make a big difference in whether a consumer picks up a box off the shelf or places an online order;  if your packaging is not enticing, people will never even taste the candy that your company produces. If you are planning on overhauling your company's candy packaging or are making plans for packaging a new product, use the following tips:

Make the Packaging Convenient

While a lot of convenience features can add to the wholesale cost of candy packaging, most consumers are willing to pay a little extra to buy candy that adds some convenience. One of the most popular convenience feature is the ability to reseal a package of candy. If you plan to use candy boxes for your product, consider placing the candy in a resealable bag and then having the candy packaged inside the box. This way, when consumers purchase your candy, they can eat a few pieces and then have the option to tightly reseal the product so it stays fresh.

Make Packaging Design a Priority

Whether you plan to package your company's candy in a box or a bag, a great packaging design is absolutely essential. Do not rush the process of designing your packaging—even if it takes longer than you like for your designer to create the perfect design, it is time well spent. With so many types and brands of candy on the market, it is important to use bold colors, striking graphics, and an eye-catching logo. Good packaging design is an important part of building a brand, so do your absolute best to get it right the first time.

Offer Different Sizes

When it comes to creating your candy packaging, it is a good idea to offer different sizes. You may want to consider offering a small, snack size that can be eaten on the go, a medium size candy box that can be enjoyed over the course of a day, and a large package that appeals to consumers who like to order in bulk. Providing candy in different size packages will help widen your consumer base and increase sales.