Tactical Telescoping Poles Can Benefit Your Police Department In A Variety Of Ways

A police officer needs the right equipment while on the job in order to stay safe and bring criminals to justice. While your police force is likely well-stocked on weapons and body armor, there are a variety of other tactical tools you might use while out in the field in order to give yourself an advantage or further protect your officers. Some police forces are turning to tactical telescoping poles. Typically crafted from super strong carbon fiber, these poles can telescope upwards or retract with ease and can be outfitted with a variety of useful attachments. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to outfit your police force with one or more of these poles.

Tactical Telescoping Poles Can Help You Get a Video Camera Into a Difficult Spot

Are you trying to conduct surveillance or keep an eye on a certain area but it's difficult to get a camera at the right angle? Maybe there is a large obstruction directly in front of you that you can't safely get past. A telescoping pole can be outfitted with a camera and then raised up into the air to a great height in order to take photos or record video of whatever is on the other side of the obstruction.

Tactical Telescoping Poles Can Latch On to Help Stop Your Boat

Does your police force sometimes head out into the local lake or river? If you have police boats that get involved in chases out on the water, there may come a time when you need to quickly reduce your boat's speed. Sure, shutting off the motor works, but what if you need to come to a full stop for some reason? A tactical telescoping pole can be outfitted with a hook that can latch onto a larger structure, and then the person with the pole simply holds on tight in order to get the boat to stop. You don't want to do this while still traveling at a fast speed of course, but the carbon fiber in the pole is usually strong enough to get an already slowing boat to come to a full stop much more quickly.

Tactical Telescoping Poles Can Help You Communicate

Do you need to communicate a message to a suspect or perhaps to another section of your force? Your telescoping pole can be outfitted with a large message board or another attachment that will let you write a message in large print and then hoist it up into the sky so it can be seen by whoever you are trying to communicate with.