How Will Polycarbonate Sheets Lower Your New Patio’s Costs?

If you are building a new enclosed patio, then you need to choose a suitable roofing material. While glass is a popular option here, you can also use polycarbonate sheets for this purpose. Like glass, polycarbonate is transparent. It also has some money-saving advantages over glass. Continue reading to learn more.

Lower Material Costs

Polycarbonate sheets usually cost less than regular glass. Plus, the glass panes you put in a patio roof might come with premium costs. For example, you might need to use tough safety glass in this area. You might want to buy glass with a UV-protective coating. These premium features can increase your material costs even more. Even if you buy polycarbonate sheets with extra features, such as solar-protective coatings, your sheets should cost less than glass. Your roof installation costs will be lower.

Plus, if you install glass on your roof, then you might need to add extra support to your build. Glass is relatively heavy. You need to build a structure that can hold its weight. Polycarbonate sheets are lighter. They don't need as much support. So, you can use less expensive or fewer materials in your build. This reduces your overall costs.

Lower Repair and Replacement Costs

If you install panes of glass on your patio roof, then you have other costs to factor in over and above your construction costs. For example, you will have repair and replacement costs in the future since glass is relatively easy to break. Even a toughened safety glass might crack or break if something hits it during a storm. If you have children, then stray baseballs and footballs can break a sheet of glass in your roof if they hit it hard enough. You will have to pay to repair the glass or to put in a new pane.

Polycarbonate sheets are harder than glass. They also don't crack or break as easily; they don't shatter upon impact in the same way. They are likely to last a lot longer than panes of glass. If you install these sheets on your patio roof, then your repair and replacement costs in the future will be a lot lower. Your sheets will stay in good shape for years. They are less likely to get damaged even in severe storms or after years of abuse from stray footballs or baseballs.

To learn more, contact local polycarbonate sheet manufacturers or suppliers.